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I can help out with a few of my favorite pics Mark has shared with me.

Originally Posted by MarkPetch View Post
Makes complete sense, Last year I purchased the exact same 1983 Model 240DL from Patrick Dickman, CA, to use as a donor car for a replica 240T GpA car that I am planning to build to build next year. I had the shell stripped back to bare metal in an Acid bath then 2 pot epoxy primed within minuets of the bare shell emerging from the last dip, it was also totally rust free, so that was also a big bonus.

It was amazing to look at in the virgin metal, just like brand new going down the production line all those years ago. Patrick also got me the correct Flat-Nosed hood which I also acid dipped as well as the correct European model 1983 front fenders. Now all I have to do is finish paint it, then assemble all of my spare good GpA bits and pieces into it, and she should be a runner as they say.
Stripped and ready to go to acid dipping.

Just out of the acid bath.

Originally Posted by MarkPetch View Post
I have not been able to work out how to post pictures on this forum, otherwise I would post some pic's of my various Volvo 240's.
Originally Posted by MarkPetch View Post
Hi Forg, I have a total of six 240's, two genuine 240 GpA Works car's, one ex the Australian Volvo Dealer Team and the other is the only surviving Eggenberger Team car.

I have three road cars, one hot rodded with a turbocharged 2.7 litre 16 valve engine, making 525 BHP and a one owner 1983 240DL European car done 60,000 miles, plus my 1983 Red Evo Car.

My sixth car is the 1983 DL bare chassis that I will build up into a replica of my first ever GpA race car, ex GTM Belgium, that we won the Wellington Street race with in 1985.
Australian Volvo Dealer Team car:

Eggenberger Team Car:

European 242DL with 60,000km:

Original 1983 242TI "Evo" "Flatnose" "Flathood" "Homologation" or whatever we are calling them these days. Interesting note: This is the same car Forza digitally scanned for the game.

It's VIN tag with the "SO2476".


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