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Thanks for linking that PDF, I will get to reading! And thanks for the reassurance. I am a bit leery to to do a wholesale change up of the carb setup since the car does run currently, but knowing that other people think it's way off too makes me feel better.

Originally Posted by bongo View Post
I would suggest that you go with something more like the guidelines.For 500cc per cylinder 40s are a bit small but if its what you have then go with it. A 34mm venturi with 140 mains and 180 air correctors would be a good start. Maybe JohnV can help out with a good choice for eemulsion tubes,but I would go with an f7 or f9 to start. What kind of wideband are you running? Can you get on a chassis dyno?
I would definitely rather run 45s but I'm not going to spend the money soon to switch over. Thanks for backing up what I *think* the car should have before I spend the money to switch everything out. All the numbers I have currently were from a chassis dyno, including the wideband readouts. I have easy access to one and the car is not street legal at all so all the tuning will happen there.

EDIT: I will also add that this is 100% a racecar, I'm not worried about street mannerisms, or even being able to have an idle under 1k. It will see nothing but road course and the occasional autocross.
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