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The plan is to just regasket them and hope that fixes all the weeping, swap to 36mm chokes, start with a 145 main with probably a 190 air corrector. I haven't decided whether the F2 or F16 e-tubes will get purchased yet, may leave the F11 in there and see how it does before spending the money. All of this will have to wait a little while as the motor is coming out this weekend so I can do some chassis work easier and get the drivetrain all cleaned up.

Another question... one of the rebuild kits that came with the car is a 175 needle valve, I'm assuming they bought what was already in the car so I should be good, but does that sound right? I've had trouble finding much info on sizing needle valves other than "if you drain the bowl, get bigger ones."

And bongo, I don't think 'cheap bastard' and vintage racecars get along too well.
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