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I think I know who you're talking about, but if it is, that source is no longer available. Believe it or not, the local government got on his case for having an unauthorized junkyard and he wound up dumping just about everything. Even though you couldn't see the site from ground level because it was in a small gulch/valley, they used pictures from an airplane or helicopter to justify their actions.

Was the guy's name Terry?

Originally Posted by Bosozoku_Volvo View Post
i dont remember the guys name for some reason, but theres a guy sorta near riverside with a YUUUGE yard of old volvos. i was gonna go to him for a driveshaft for my 66 122, but ended up selling the car. great guy.

post on the San Diego Volvo Sports America facebook page and mention that, theyll know who you (OP) need to talk to
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