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Originally Posted by CaseyHooligan View Post
You might not have noticed, I've slotted the brace mounting holes and left generous clearance around the bolts to allow some movement during mounting.

I'll be sending out a recommended installation procedure with these prototypes to help understand the intended fitting. The oil pump bolts attaching the brace are to be tightened after installation of the oil tube/oil pump are in the block.

I understand there is a tendency to formulate an opinion around Tate's post, but at least reserve judgement until you try it for yourself.

And God help a rookie who is building his own engine and "slapping" parts on!
Also please don't take any of this as being too critical. I like what you are doing and am trying to help with some suggestions. Sometimes tone and intent can be difficult to convey over interw3bs posting.

That being said

Most of my comments aren't necessarily centered around tates experience, just thoughts i have had looking at what you are doing and potential for problems.

I did notice the slots but the plane is still locked. its possible it can work out fine but its also possible to have issues. If the plate isn't parallel to the assembly... tightening it down at the end can still shift it out of alignment, if it was in alignment to begin with. having a plate like this isn't necessarily a problem as long you are compensating for enough misalignment...

I think your best bet would be to put together a test block. where you can spin the oil pump with a drill or the int, shaft... and see how well it seals and how far it can be out of alignment before you start getting leakage. People spend alot of money putting together engines... if they upgrade to something like this, i think it would be great piece of mind to know the what should be acceptable and what might generate in an issue.
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The only safe bet is Ben.
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