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Originally Posted by eregan View Post
The car has a e-fan on the front of the rad yeah. Valve Clarence is set to .018. I do have the forward muffler back on it now haha. Going to install a Wideband next week then look into adjusting the fuel & ignition. I'll mess around a little with the adj cam gear, but without the straight piped exhaust, I'm finding it doesn't pull as well to redline. Hoping to snag a 4.10 at some point yeah. Will modify the flywheel next time I do a clutch. It's raised in the rear with wagon springs, Got some IPD springs on the way should be here next week. Thanks for your input.
Cool, nice work. I'm sure it'd benefit from having the exhaust opened up a bit with something larger, but I can't imagine the straight through front muffler hurting that much. It's amazing how much slower a car seems sometimes when it's not as loud!

It's not really a huge camshaft, it just has a lot of area under the curve with somewhat aggresive duration which makes it such a lump at low rpm. It's not magical in that it makes it have a ton of power at redline, though.

Dropping the rear will help a good bit with keeping the tire planted(you could also cut the wagon springs, if you wanted).
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