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Nice classic you have there!
Sadly all of them rusted out here, it is impossible to find them for a reasonable price. If you ever find one...

Originally Posted by Coupid View Post
The instrument panel lights have never worked. I took apart the dash last week and plugged the "choke" light back in but didn't see anything else amiss. Today I replaced all the fuses and checked the bulbs in the cluster. They were all good so I tested it again, still broken. Then I reassembled the whole dash and low and behold the instrument panel was glowing a nice green:

As soon as I took this photo I had the bright idea to touch the dimmer switch and all the dash lights went out again. After some playing around with it, I got the lights to come back on but I'm sure as soon as I hit a bump they will go out.

Can I just replace the switch itself?

Does anyone have a spare? or is there an easy bypass?
Don't know what exact dimmer it has, but I actually managed to renovate the non-really working one in my 244.
Disassembled, cleaned all contacts, glued the resistor wire back, put it back together with a slight layer of grease and it works awesome now.
If everything is there and not broken to pieces, it is pretty easy.
1980 Brown 244 GL
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