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Originally Posted by Karl Buchka View Post
I found the board connector you posted a pic of on digikey. Where is the wire-side connector being sourced? How much is it?
I didn't post that picture actually. Pretty nice connector
though, eh?

As I understand it, that is the connector currently spec'd for
the RavAGE project, one of several hardware projects designed to
run the FreeEMS software.

I'm not sure if they have a BOM completely sorted out yet, but
they are only a few months away from production.

Another of the active hardware projects is the Jaguar board, a
minimal system targeting engines with GM DIS or Ford EDIS
ignition systems.

The first Jaguar board built ran an engine for the first time
this week. It is the eleventh engine to run under FreeEMS control
so far. Two of the eleven have been Volvo Redblocks.

None of this stuff is ready for general use yet. The hardware
solutions are still being laid out, or are in early alpha
testing. The firmware is high quality, but as yet incomplete.

Constructive criticism is welcome by the developers, and testing
is needed, but the project is not quite ready for wide exposure.

This year should see complete solutions become available for
capable car builders. It's an exciting time.

All of this stuff is completely open. You can fork these designs
and firmware and do your own thing. I see a board targeted at RWD
Volvos as a possiblility one day, plug and play LH 2.2 or 2.4.
Heck, you could drive a digital Control Pressure Regulator and
build a system for K-jet. It sure is cool living in the future.

My EMS is a couple of hacked up perfboard monstrosities that I
made on my own. I made heavy use of the RavAGE schematics for my
design. I use connectors scavenged from old Volvo harnnesses. It
was easily the most complex electronics project that I've
undertaken, and I've screwed up in many ways, while learning
many valuable lessons.

I've been running my daily driver on my homemade EMS for over six
months now.

I will absolutely upgrade to something with a solid design when
the time comes. I'm keen to help develop a hardware solution
targeted at hobbyists, something a person can solder up on their
own, and learn a bunch along the way. In the spirit of the early days
of MS. The sort of thing you can make a kit of, and give to a
teenager and say: "here you go, get this built if you want to get
your car running".

I've asked the developers in IRC about the connector part number
and source. I'll post the details here when the timezones align and I
hear back.
I have a Volvo with some half-done, homemade crap in it.
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