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Originally Posted by Old Iron View Post
Very cool, glad to see this car getting the love so many people wouldn't bother giving it. Almost half a million miles, it deserves the love.
Its in kilometres only, but i can't wait to show it at car festivals. It will be hella confusing to the others when they look at that odometer.

Originally Posted by GoldieBrick View Post
Awesome job on the rust repair! You have more patience then I do, as I wouldn't be able to handle all of that, but I admire your bravery in conquering such a task.

Cant wait to see the end result of all your work. Keep it up.
Thank you!
Sadly I'm often in dilemma about how to cut this and weld that, and thats what really holds back the whole process. When i finally make a patch from fresh sheetmetal, its fortunately fast from that pont.

And what makes me feel better about owning a Volvo and doing this job:

Just a ~20 year old Mazda:

~20 year old Suzuki Swift:

~20 year old mk3 Golf:

And this 34 year old Volvo wasn't garage kept either, and has waaay more kms than these...
It really deserves the love, as it was loved by the previous 2 owners.
1980 Brown 244 GL
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