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Originally Posted by gdogg16 View Post
I think you should fit the stock dash in the car now that it's on the E30 chassis.
Originally Posted by Duder View Post
I'd second that. Looks like it would be a ton of work to get the E30 dash rearranged sufficiently. Why not use an Amazon dash and fit the E30 components into that (gauges, wiring, heater core, etc)? Plus it would help the illusion that this is still a modified Amazon, not an E30 wearing a Volvo hat.
I put a fair amount of thought into it and there’s just no good way to use the Amazon dash and get the rest of the controls to work/fit. I’d be better off building a dash from scratch and if I’m gonna do that I may as well start with all of the mounting points for the pieces and go custom from there. I’ve got some ideas to bring the E30 dash back to the styling of the Amazon. I think it’ll be ok once it’s done.
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