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More back & forth (add material/remove material) on the nose & headlamp 'bucket' areas. Ideally, the surrounds should look similar to this:

The difficulty is in getting the interpretation of the inner vertical 'scallop' - my center panel is not the same as the original - I don't have the setback & taper that matches - mine is vertical drop, then chamfer - so my version is to be an interpretation of the original.

I adjusted my headlamp housing support system

to offset the entire assembly about an inch rearward, so that it will sit with a slight recess at the outer lower corner, the shallowest point.

There will be filler panels on all four sides to create the 'bucket'

Lower ones have been added here, along with tie plates to merge the fender skirt wrap below the marker lamp aperture in the the vertical grille surround.

I also need to reshape the headlamp cover areas, hence the additional bondo on top

Overall, I think the simplified form will look good.

Original modified fibreglass panel work back in 2016. Plan is eliminating all those hard corners around the headlamps & markers

Working on getting that inner radius - hopefully without cutting further inboard - that will make attaching the (removable) spoiler & grille surround more difficult. I think I will be able to create enough of a visual taper & contour to the 'bucket' with some addtional fibreglass & bondo work. Just time consuming getting L & R evenly shaped, since this is all eyeballed. I did make small contour guide plates to test general conformity, but it still comes down to does it look 'right'.


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