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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Originally Posted by Broke4speed View Post
This is simply OUTSTANDING! I mean, I consider myself pretty good at the mech/electrical part of building a car...but the artistry and craftsmanship around custom bodywork is something I'll never figure out. This makes me look twice at any X1/9 for sale .
Many thanks! It's been quite an experience, for sure. Bodywork is definitely not my thing.

Been working on my house, so not much done on the X1/9. Today I made time to start on the 72mm TB revision. Using the 80mm TB, I've had a tip-in drivability issues that came back again.

Chopped the flange off an Accord intake for the TB side, another flange off an RSX intake for the intake side. I don't want to weld the extension to the plenum, as it may interfere with the plenum removal .

flanges welded after I determined the correct orientation to ensure bobbin & TPS clearance

MAP will go on the adaptor - have to weld a bung

Hopefully finish this tomorrow

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