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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
So you went smaller on the TB? I'm not clear after reading.... just a few sips of java so far today.

If YES, that matches what I've read about the large TBs working great at WOT conditions, but terribly off idle and stop & go driving. Sorry about the body work.... I used to do it decades ago. No more.
Yes, I dropped from the 80mm to 72mm to resolve the elevated idle, tip-in & part throttle issues that I just could not adjust out. Made it very unpleasant in-town driving. My wife doesn't want to get in the car until it's fixed, and I have to agree. Driving aggressively, it was fine - but one cannot do that all the time, especially since I like to travel with my wife :D

Yeah, the bodywork. I need to finish the nose. It's just way to f'ing hot out to even think about that. I'll have to wait until Sept/Oct to wrap that up, hopefully.

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