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Yes, I dropped from the 80mm to 72mm to resolve the elevated idle, tip-in & part throttle issues that I just could not adjust out. Made it very unpleasant in-town driving. My wife doesn't want to get in the car until it's fixed, and I have to agree.
I don't know how many time I've seen this conundrum on the 4 bangers. Supposedly it is not such an issue to put a large TB on a V8, but the 4 holes don't seem to tolerate too large of a TB without serious off idle issues. I was planning to run the large 960/850 NA TB on my DD, until I found out the 2.5" stock size would support 300+ HP. Boost can find a way.... enough potential difference. From what I vaguely recall about compressible flow, there is a choke point. I doubt most street driven 4 holes ever reach that limit.
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