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Originally Posted by lookforjoe View Post
[...] resolve the elevated idle, tip-in & part throttle issues that I just could not adjust out. Made it very unpleasant in-town driving. My wife doesn't want to get in the car until it's fixed, and I have to agree. Driving aggressively, it was fine - but one cannot do that all the time, especially since I like to travel with my wife :D
Isn't it amazing how different it feels, driver vs. passenger? Faced with the same exact shenanigans, one person says "exhilarating" while the other frantically grabs any Oh Sh!t bar within reach.

Having just found and read most of this thread, I'm impressed. But I admit my confusion -- there was no conjunction between "I'm dedicated to making the LH Volvo stuff work at any cost" and "I've found a completely different direction to take this project." Why the transition? I'm guessing the Honda motor fell into your lap and you couldn't resist? That little Fiat motor (and control thereof) was starting to look pretty darn good. Made me wonder about doing a similar thing to my own non-Volvo.

I also couldn't quite figure out from the pictures what you did with those frame sections in the middle. Lengthen the wheelbase?

Overall, it looks like you've created a very impressive little Hot Wheels toy. How much actual "Fiat" is left in that thing, anyway?
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