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Just FYI, the IRS sticks out more than the solid axle by about 10mm, so you can't run as low of offset in the back as the front.

Diamond wheels also generally don't have much brake caliper clearance, so you'll probably have to run spacers anyway. I think the rear might actually be fine without spacers as the caliper doesn't stick out too much, but you'll most likely hit in the front. So a 10mm spacer on the front will help you clear the brakes and bring the spacing out to match the rear.

I have adapters on my car and run 30mm front and 20mm rear, so keep that in mind when ordering wheels. If you don't want spacers, you need to roll and pull out the rear fenders by about 10mm. Or you can just put a 10mm on the front. My wheels are 17x8 +37, with 225/45/17 tires. Offest after spacers is +7 front, +17 rear. Which means if you want to avoid spacers, you'll want wheels in the 15-20 offset range if you go with 8 inches wide.

Here's a picture of my set-up, and the rear tires will hit the fender lip if you don't roll it.
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