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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Back & forth with the sway bar. Turns out, the 960 bar I got from CA must be off one of the later cars with the revised suspension, the offset of the end links is not the same.

Also, the Volvo online catalog listing for the sway bar bushings is wrong - they list the 1273615 for 22,23mm bars and 1273184 for 21mm bars. The old paper catalog lists them in reverse. I ordered 1273615, on the (incorrect) assumption that the online catalog would supersede the old paper versions in terms of any errors. No way is that correct for the 23mm bar, so I'll have to get 1273184's.

I switched out the bars, and the pivot angle is much better, but still not happy with the layout

So, I'm making brackets that will allow me to use the high-misalignment end links used on the back of P1 Volvos & various Mazda & Ford applications.

I'll make a spacer Sleeve that centers the stud in the bar, where the bushing used to locate. The integrated washer locates nicely in the outer recess.


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