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Originally Posted by manbeard View Post
sam you got any more pics of this car?
These are the only ones I've got, some said was knock offs, but I recall being on the Maylasian/Idonesian forum and it is in fact real ACS Type 3 in 19"s, I'm still waiting for the right ACS Type 1 in 18"s to show up

Originally Posted by jamin01 View Post
I love that. It reminds me a little of the Audi quattro sport
IIRC there were few of 'em, Volvo built 'em for auto shows.

Here's a Taiwanese flava, I wouldn't say its inspirational, but its different.

Anybody remember this fella from Thailand? 1JZGTE swapped then later changed to 2JZ and full of carbon, all I've got are the ones before it received all the carbon bits and the big ass turbo'd 2JZ, those rims were the shiz!

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