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Originally Posted by Sjeng View Post
I just bought a 940 16V.

The car is from december 1990.
Does this have 13mm rods? Or is there no way to tell?

Who has +T'd these engines with the high compression ratio?
Doable or is it better to put the B234 head on a 8v turbo engine?
I know from my VW days for those engine head spacers to drop compression ratio exist. Do these also exist for our engines?

Kind regards
I've been running a high comp +16vT for years.... I can't run nearly as much advance as I'd like to on pump gas but I get around that by using e85. When I get to my laptop I can show you the difference in timing with and without the e85.

With the reduced advance it is noticeably less potent. I am considering the thicker HG myself to get the power back on 93 octane but am currently too lazy to yank the head back off... again.

They do make thicker MLS headgaskets for the b230 block. Try summit racing.

I'm one of the most conservative nancy-pants out there when it comes to dropping the hammer and letting the power down so I will say that I would probably not run a 16v +T with something like lh2.4. Maybe I'm too old but I tire of replacing ventilated engine blocks.

I'm also using the ms3x knock sensor chip to assist me in my goal of not ventilating engines, even with the e85 on the 16v.


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