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Originally Posted by JonnyP View Post
Excellent work my friend!

Well, it seems that a bigger problem occurred than the left B pillar's position...
My father talked to his former co-worker about the 244's damage, as he is repairing frame damaged cars almost every week.
After he inspected it he said the right lower windshield frame got pushed lower by the accident, and thats why the windshield cracked so easily when I pushed back the chrome trim.

It's not that big difference, I still were able to put the doors into position, but the door gap at the A pillar was a bit small. But big enough that the new windshield would stick out at that right lower section. Its about 2-4mm what it needs to be in position.

You can see how the old windshield sticks out...
But there is a risk, because I have to push that section harder than the elastic limit to actually move it something measureable. And if something goes wrong the cowl panel will be wobbly or the roof, and I Really, REALLY don't want that.
This is the only risky task of the all, fingers crossed it will come out nice today.

The left B pillar was pushed inside, and i threw on the doors and adjusted them. Now it looks really good and the door seal touch the chassis all around. Even the door shuts easier now than before, so I'm happy about the left side.
1980 Brown 244 GL

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