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Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by 2fast242gt View Post
any b234 240.

i have to ask, why the b234? less work than b230 besides mounts? by the way very nice! cant wait to see more!
Yeah, that's pretty much it. The B234f was there, and it's got some nice features that you don't get on a B230. I wanted to do new mounts anyway. I hate stock 240 mounts.

Originally Posted by volvobrage View Post
Looks awesome, as always!
The welds on the pressurepipes are so beatiful

Any plans for suspension also?

Stå på!
Thanks! Suspension is up in the air right now. I'll probably get some DIY coilovers together with some manner of camber plates. Kildea has a G80 that I can probably use and I've already got a set of adjustable torque rods from Homer.

Originally Posted by MadDog_945 View Post
jeeeez... you do on one weekend where i need years for.. grml.. nice project..

One question.. did you drop in in the springs right on or did you measure seatpressure and do some shiming?
I didn't do any shimming. I made some cursory measurements of the installed height and it looked fine, so I'm not terribly concerned.

Originally Posted by towerymt View Post
I had better ship that muffler, huh?
Probably. :D
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