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60 trim turbo swap
I've answered alot of posts lately about using a TurboCoupe Ford turbo, so I thought I'd share exactly whats involved.

First off, the T3 TurboCoupe ford comes in either 60/60 trim versions, or 60/48, bigger than the stock 48/48 (?). There is two nice benifits from this, the first being more Horsepower (duh) and the second is, its the cheapest, most available turbo upgrade you can find! Another benifit is that the Ford turbos are all watercooled, a great upgrade for volvo turbos. This means however, you'll need the water cooling lines/adapters from either a 7 series volvo, or new. You'll need the two Stainless lines from the turbo, and the fittings that go in the rubber hoses (radiator, and overflow tank return).

So heres how it breaks down. There is one main difference between the two turbos. The OE Garrett turbos, and the Ford turbos is the way they mount. The OE (volvo) t3's have a recessed area on the exhaust flange that fits over, for lack of better terms a moutian on the stock exhaust manifold. The Fords use a flat flange and a gasket to seal them. The moutian is easily removed however by a good machine shop.

One of the next difference's is the wastegate housing. You can clearly see the differences here:

If your hell bent on using your OE or already purchased aftermarket Down Pipe (mvpvolvo's for instance) you can swap wastegate housings rather easily. Word for the wise, use ALOT of WD40 and let it sit over night.

If your looking at doing your exhaust and your turbo at the same time, I would get the exhaust flange (just cut the very top portion of the pipe from the Ford) and have a custom one made up using the Ford original wastegate housing.

The last major hurdle is the oil return line. While, the feed line isn't exactly right, it is easy to "bend" it to bolt right in. Be careful not to kink the line.

The return line how ever, comes off at the completely wrong angle. Since my motor was on the engine stand at the time, I chose to weld in a piece of pipe to make up for the length, and correct the angle. Seen here:
(pardon the mess, this was after the freezeplug problems).

Another way that is more commonly done is to cut the return line in the middle and use a Rubber hi-temp hose to make up the difference. This will give you an idea, but keep in mind, the return location in that picture is different than a Stock Turbo motor.

I hope this sheds some light on the situation for everyone!

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