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Default WTF turbo did I pull and is it good (enough)?

Went to the junkyard today to pull an intermediate shaft and distributor for a block mount distributor conversion and the car had already been crushed

I decided to see what kind of turbo I could find and stumbled into a 1998 s70 with the engine already dropped to the ground. After a little bit of a struggle, I pulled the turbo and 4 red body fuel injectors. From what I can gather, red bodies came on light pressure cars, meaning this car was a GLT.

What turbo was stock on a 1998 s70 GLT? The tag on the one I pulled is worn away and just says "Volvo", the serial number, and "made in Japan". It's definitely a Mitsubishi turbo.

Is it a 13T?
How does said turbo compare to a 15g? From what I gather, the 13t has a bigger hot side than the 15g and will produce more power overall. True or false?
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