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Fixed the vac line, drove it about 50 miles yesterday, getting the fuel map in shape. Feels good, you can tell the pwoer has moved on up the RPM range. And, well, I might not be working the 7K+ RPM range until I get around to replacing the dogdish flywheel with the new SoopAr Bitching 15 lb JohnV steel guy.

One worrisome development - was only about 80, 85 degrees yesterday. I took it on the highway for some easy 65-75 mph cruising, and went up some long hills (on 44, just south of St. L county). And the temp gauge jumped up a little. Did it on several of the hills, I had to turn on the heat. MS's temp gauge confirmed, running up to 215, 225 degrees. This was at highway speeds, so fan running or not (it was) shuoldn't matter. Didn't have the belly pan on though. Not sure why that is happening. I might have to check the coolant system for CO. Hope it's not a HG leak. Shouldn't be a major deal to pull it and check if it seems to be the case. Might just be something a bit off with the timing too?
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