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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
It's certainly not bog-standard, I think stock clutches handle 220 - 230 hp at the most?

It's got a full-faced Kevlar Clutchnet disc in it now. I don't think it's too harsh.

I'm still not going to rev the 32 lb dog dish to 8000.
Probably all wasted effort to run a heavy one that fast. Stock 740 turbo clutches handle more than enough power to kill M46s so I'm guessing 260+ ft-lbs of torque.

In any case, you can see the reason Simon's flywheel exploded (I'm too lazy to look for the picture) because of the sharp angles that the raised edge had been cut at, leaving "pedestals" of material. Now I'm no fluid mechanics master but I would say that sharp edges/corners/angles create stress points in solid metal structures

Safest means of testing would be revving the living piss out of one of these and seeing what kinds of angular velocity/acceleration will kill the thing.

Still, the extra surface area is a nice bonus over a flat flywheel.

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My knob has a big chunk of steel on it
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