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Originally Posted by evolvo67 View Post
No fuel system

The stock tank would fit the way you did the body IIRC, add an external electric pump and some 3/8" fuel line.

No electrical system This is what I used, EZ install and plenty of circuits for everything you'd ever need.

No engine wiring (including ECU and tuning)
I think there's a whole thread about using this on TB.

No interior

I drove mine for years without an interior, no big deal. Get it done when you can.

No room for cooling fans
This was a possible solution, you could have eliminated the water pump and made an adapter plate for the e-pump outlet. This would give you a lot more room to fit a fan. You could have also reversed the coolant flow so that the head received the cooled water first as is done on modern cars. The head makes the most heat so it makes no sense to send cooled water to the block so that it is hotter when it reaches the head.

Engine needed to be pulled back out and engine compartment repainted

So to avoid pulling the engine you cut the body off the pan? That simplifies things

I was concerned about the mounting system for the rear suspension
The rear suspension was too wide necessitating MASSIVE negative camber

Have you seen the engineering Canuck is doing on his 122? IIRC he had the same IRS in his car and made it work by narrowing. I narrowed the Jag IRS in my car, it's not that hard if you pencil it out and take your time. I know you have the skills.

Atom D&D, I appreciate that you get that not everyone will hop on the bandwagon and differing opinions aren't condemnations. I saw your car at IPD and thought it was really coming along great. I was just sorry to see you give up after investing so much time and money. Again, there are no problems, only solutions! Some just take longer to find than others.

Harlard, my "attitude" comes from years of experience building cars. I've seen to many projects lost to easily surmountable problems. As I said I was sorry to see this car so close to completion only to get blown up, SAD!
I will say that I think we've reached a fundamental disconnect though. I'm saying that I didn't feel the path I was on was the best route for what I have available. Funds, lack of shop and over complication of the vehicle. I think every solution you suggested added to the complication as well as timeline and cost. I'm considering what I've done as a "reset" of sorts. At this point it is what it is. I don't think I really need to spend any more time justifying the route I've chosen. Hopefully you can keep an eye on the build and when I'm done we can meet up for a beer and discuss the decision.
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