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Originally Posted by BJORNAGN View Post
I like the combo of BMW and classic 122 wagon. Doing something similar myself by dropping a P1800 ES on to a Miata chassis.

What most don't realize is that once you get past the sheer audacity of cutting the body off of one car and grafting it on to the chassis of another, this is not rocket science.

People who tell you that this is a waste of $$$ and that the point is to drive the car just don't get that the creative process can be an end in itself; you can buy a car if you just want to drive. Some people have imaginations and creative urges that need to be fed.

The big caliper to measure the sills was brilliant. Wish I thought of that.

That looks awesome!! I did consider Miata. In fact I went to look at one that was for sale stripped down to the chassis. My only real turn off was lack of a rear seat. I realize I won't have my wife and both kids with me most of the time, but having the ability to take them if I wanted seemed like a good idea.
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