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Well origonally I was going to adapt the Volvo shufter but that would have left me with a reverse pattern where full aft was park then reverse etc etc. Didnt like it and wanted something better after I started reading up on how important it is for the shifts to be accurate and not inbetween two positions.

Found a Hurst QuarterStick with new cable and all brackets locally for $80. Just need the guy to remove it from his drag truck so I can buy it.

As a side note and bonus the driveshaft fits perfectly! Trans fluid lines and shifter and I can back the car out of the driveway under its own power!
I have basically the same setup as yours, I initially thought I could use the stock shifter, but like you said shifts have to be accurate. Well Iím going to search for a different shifter. Thanks man and keep up the good work.
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