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Axle is in, finally! Had the car standing around without a rump long enough.

Just one thing keep me busy for quite a while, that little rubber bushing that holds the nose of the subframe... somehow got pushed back and needed some major convincing to get it to come back to the front

And since rust is a bit more a problem here than in Florida, I have been liberally caking on the slop wherever bare threads or metal would see the light of day. As of now it's a rust-free car, I intend to keep it that way!

Should have gotten more dirty than this...

- 1987 244 (hand-me-down first car)
- 1990 744 (white with red leather)
- 1992 965 (green with tan leather)
- 1990 744 16v (pegleg drift can)
- 1992 480 (Renault disaster)

- 1989 745 16v
- 1991 744 (SE) 16v Turbo

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