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Switched to Bosch powerstage.

Originally Posted by malloy1 View Post

This should be the setup using these two parts:

Out From EZK: -> Into 203:____ Out From 203: -> Into 407:
1-4 output -------> Pin 2 _________ Pin 1 -------> Pin 3
2-3 output -------> Pin 7 _________ Pin 6 -------> Pin 1

This doesn't jive with the BTI indicated layout for connections between PS and coil - I wired mine following your layout & had to reverse the coil wires for it to run. It would seem I/O pins 2&1 are for 2,3 cyl, and 7&6 are for 1,4 cyl

Edit: Nevermind, the inputs from the board to the powerstage are reversed between the two schematics - that would account for it. My mistake was using your schematic as the wiring reference

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