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Originally Posted by Duder View Post
Good logic, even if I can't endorse the brand () I can agree that you have a sound approach ().

There are typically gains to be made by going with the largest available turbine. If the compressor wheel that matches your goals is available with a few different sizes of turbine wheels, and each of those have a few different housing A/Rs, then you can usually gain turbine efficiency and response by choosing the largest wheel with a smaller housing to achieve the same flow as one of the smaller wheels with a larger housing. Of course there are always exceptions but in the world of aftermarket performance turbos this is a good approach. In the Garrett family that would mean choosing a GT3071R vs. a GT2871R (both have 71mm compressor wheel), or as a larger example, choosing a GTX3576R over a GTX3076R (both share the same 76mm compressor).
Sorry about that. I honestly felt bad not getting a GT after all the advice you shared, but price is a factor, and there didn't seem to be a way to get such modern tech (in the wheels, not the CHRA of course) at a low price point with Garrett. I remembered you saying that about the compressor size vs. turbine size, and the BW compressor and turbine are almost the same exact size. Why do so many of the other aftermarket turbos have such large compressors compared to their turbines?
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