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OKAY! Finished bolting everything together and fired it up!

Great news: fired right up, engine revs happily. Definitely needs to be richer at idle, but I haven't had a chance to play with it beyond that, and haven't done the break in procedure yet, just ran it at idle for a couple minutes.

Bad news:
1) coolant seemed to either boil or bubble up from the overflow reservoir, but the temp read normal, so I'm wondering if it was just that it heated up? Not sure exactly what was up with that, but I can imagine a million minor causes that aren't anything to worry about unless it happens again
2) the engine was making a wonky noise. kinda a metal on metal whirring noise. I'm wondering if it's the aluminum timing gear? Sounded like it was coming from lower in the engine, possibly near the dizzy gear... I've attached a video and would love your advice.
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