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Originally Posted by crogthomas View Post
Then your problem lies elsewhere, don't complicate things by adding a recirculating bypass valve, it's not required for the engine to run or idle.
A rough idle is almost always down to a air leak somewhere. Unless there is something not set up correctly. Was it fine before?
A fair comment, it's not been on the road for 3 years but yes it was fine when I picked it up. I don't currently have any sort of boost control so the little port on the compressor housing isn't connected, could that be an air leak causing it to die?

Originally Posted by InferiorWang View Post
I've noticed 3 things that can cause idle roughness on these engines:

1) vacuum leak
2) bad AMM
3) dead in tank fuel pump

If you know your pumps are good and you've tested with a spare AMM, I'd look for vacuum leaks like crogthomas suggested.
I bought the 012 from a member on here under the impression it was a good unit.
Pump is a Walbro 255.
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