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Originally Posted by wujek View Post
They have +/- 300 miles 80% running on full throotle (20T @ 1,7 bar boost).
Injectors have cca 1000 miles (bosch 440cm3). But because of their bargain price I will check them anyway.

What Im thinking about is this little yellow deposit, Ive never had this before.

Will make better shot of #4.
I was referring to the photo in the original post. Your plugs look pretty much like the plugs that came out of my old 1987 745 T (or pretty much any emission controlled car running at 14.7 AFR), so OK for normal operation. The 2nd plug from the right looks a little darker than the other plugs so you might want to check your injector flow rates.

80% x 300 miles = 240 mile at wide open throttle? Most engines would be worn out after 240 continuous miles at wide open throttle. If your plugs came out of the engine right at the end of a high speed run I would expect them to be a darker tan. Even emission controlled engines tend to operate at lower AFRs at wide open throttle at the horse power peak.

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