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A dump valve is always a vacuum leak, its always slightly open while the engine is running. Re-circulation is not, because its after the maf and its not leaking un-metered air. Any Maf (or amm if you prefer) car will not run correctly with a dump style valve on LH 2.4 because of the maf.
Refer to post #6 Dirty Rick, he is correct.
Using no bypass or dump such as crogthomas says he does leads to premature turbo bearing failure, especially if running a decent amount of boost. When letting off the throttle under boost the air pressure backs up in the intercooler tubes, pushing back on your turbos impeller, trying to spin it backwards, its not made for that stress.
Did you hook that port on your wastegate to the actuator yet? Super important...don't even bother with anything else till thats done
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