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A good drift car would make for a good track car. I'd want a car that does not oversteer because you're going to create oversteer with the rear tires spinning. But the use of toe-out can help that initial turn-in to get things started. You want some balance.

When I tried wide front tires and skinny rear tires because my car was underpowered, I could slide it, but it was slow and transitions were difficult because the car was easy to spin. I'd want equal tire front and rear to start, and eventually wider rear tires when power level is increased.

Originally Posted by culberro View Post
Car sits with zero toe, -2.0deg camber, 6.5deg caster. For drift I go toe-out 1.5deg total.

What I did on my 240:
BNE Select top mounts, max caster and camber setting.
KL Racing controls arms.
BNE Quick Steer Roll Correctors, set to fastest setting and +4 Ackerman
250lb/in front springs, cut wagon springs in the rear
28mm bar in the front, 23mm out back (will probably take this off)
Welded diff.
Sounds good to me. Did the KL arms make the front track wider? What size wheel/tire and what offset? Everything clears at full lock, I assume? Mostly just curious, rather than asking for specific tips.

How's your power steering....which fluid, and did you need to add a cooler? I had to switch to synthetic when I went to the middle hole on the BNE roll center spacers, but I didn't need a cooler (autocross only).
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