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Originally Posted by towerymt View Post

Sounds good to me. Did the KL arms make the front track wider? What size wheel/tire and what offset? Everything clears at full lock, I assume? Mostly just curious, rather than asking for specific tips.

How's your power steering....which fluid, and did you need to add a cooler? I had to switch to synthetic when I went to the middle hole on the BNE roll center spacers, but I didn't need a cooler (autocross only).
The wheels are 16x7 oem steelies that I flipped the centers on. I can't remember what the offset it at the moment... but I can measure them in a few days.

The KL arms are 25mm wider per side, and move the ball-joint forward 15mm. I ended up plating the top and bottom after bending one at a drift day. There is light touching at full lock, may need rack limiters, or move to the middle setting.

PS definitely needs a cooler. It gets HOT and the pump sounds pissed when it's a hot day. I'm currently using Redline power steering fluid, and it seems much happier with that.
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