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Originally Posted by ZVOLV View Post
.9v, as mentioned, means stuck rich.

Try the measurement again on a hot engine and with the sensor unplugged. Measuring on the o2 sensor side. It makes it's own voltage.

Can't hurt to measure the resistance of each injector, disconnected. See if they are all similar.

Things that come to mind that would cause a rich condition would be torn FPR diaphragm, stuck open fuel injectors, bad computer, bad temp sensor, or bad MAF. About in that order.

Now that the car will idle on it's own, I did the test the o2 voltage while it was hot. If I measure it unplugged, what do I unplug? All of it or just one of the connections?

I did test all injectors in and out of the car. All read 16 ohms.

If the FPR was bad would I still get the correct pressure readings? I have the 951 computer I believe. I would hope everything else would fail before the computer and from reading around but I guess it could. Temp sensor was replaced and the old one tested fine (going from freezer to in front of a heater). I need to find a good used MAF sensor and see what happens.
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