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2nd update

The problem seemed to be solved, I guess i had to drive it for a while. there are no longer any codes and the car seems to be back to normal.

It looks like the problem was the MAF sensor. I believe the sensor failed or was intermittently going bad causing the off an on problems I was having. Once the car went into limp home mode, it ran rich and fouled out the plugs. I noticed when I swapped in new plugs, the ones I had in the car were gaped way to big. It ran fine for 25K miles but it may not have been good when I was in limp home rich. After the new plugs it would idle but still had a code. When checking the the throttle body and TPS, I had prev only cleaned the TB with a rag but it was pretty dirty i removed it and cleaned it and installed a new throttle shaft seal. After swapping in a good used MAF sensor it got better again, still had a 1-1-3 code. drove it for a little bit (cleared the code) and got the 2-3-2 code with no check engine light. Drove it for another 20 or so miles and reset the code and have been driving fine with no engine light or codes. The car was taking a few seconds longer to start, that is due to the in tank pump. The harness broke off from the sender so there has been no power to the pump or gas gauge. i always fill up around the 220 mile range and it usually takes 9-10 gal to fill up. this time it took over 12. All of the running rich was really dumping the fuel out because i was only at 189 miles. Once i had a full tank it started up quickly like it should (new sender, sock, pump are on the way).
I know its not the best to just start replacing parts but i also like having a functional spare of everything.

so replaced the main pump and filter
power stage
coolant temp sensor
cleaned throttle body
checked for leaks 10xs
new O2 sensor
checked grounds
verified fuel pressure
and probably more I've forgotten about...but the main issue was the MAF sensor.
85 245 - ipd sport springs and sway bars yoshifab torque rods, kaplhenke bne strut mounts and TAB's. Poly bushings Bilstein tourings. B cam +4. 2.25 exhaust.

93 244 stockish.
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