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Originally Posted by xactorocker View Post
Hey, this is going to be about my 85 245 with the m46 transmission.
so I want to start from the beginning of this problem. I started noticing when I would go over 30-35 in 3rd or high second gear with the gas all the way down like when trying to accelerate quickly or sometimes barely down at all. The car would start to stop accelerating and the engine would just keep revving up higher without the vehicle speed increasing. I know this sounds like the clutch is slipping but the clutch is only a few months old. I am just wondering if this could be being caused by anything like anything else, or must it be the clutch because its relatively new and should not be slipping already. And I hope one of you that knows more than me may have an answer. Thank you.

I attached a sound clip of the best I could capture the problem happening.
it happens 10 seconds in.
I can't view your video, not that it matters. You may have a slipping cone clutch in the overdrive unit. That will behave just like a slipping clutch.
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