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After having much difficulty adjust the fuel mixture I started some research on fuel injectors. Bosch 0 280 150 934 injector is from supercharged 3.8L Buick V6. Buick uses 3 Bar FPR. These are what I have installed. Bosch 0 280 150 945 are Ford Racing red top injectors used in supercharged 3.8L used in Thunderbird SC. These 2 injectors have identical flow specs at 3 Bar.

The target psi for the Ford Racing red top injector is 39.15 psi. So i used an injector flow rate calculator and determined that The Ford Redtop injector at 39.15 psi is comparable to the original 0 280 150 357 injector at 43.5 psi. The improvement is the 4 hole injector.

So I swapped in the best of 2 BMW 320i 2.5 Bar fuel pressure regulators from my parts stash and checked the fuel pressure at the rail. It tested at 2.7 Bar (39.15 psi). I then got out the LED tester and adjusted the baseline idle mixture setting.

One note: when removing the old fuel pressure regulator I pulled the vacuum hose first then the return hose. When I pulled the return hose there was vacuum at the FPR return nipple. The engine had cooled for about an hour before doing this swap. I've never seen vacuum at the return nipple before even on a warm engine. Makes me think the FPR was defective.
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