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What I'm getting is that the top of the tower is inches further back on the BMW to get a TON more caster, the lower ball joint is also further forward. You might have to cut and move the volvo towers to make it all work.

Not trying to poo-poo your idea, but you can drift a Volvo 240 quite well on stock suspension.
No i get what your saying, atleast youre giving your two cents and not jumping to scraping it. But since im not quite at the point of mounting things up, im not sure what exactly will have to be done. So when i get there, ill be posting it.

Also, i know you can, have seen it done and did a little in the car before tearing it down. But for whichever reason it is i just wanted to use another cars suspension but with the volvo body. Again, making things difficult for myself.
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240's are front wheel drive you can't drift them?

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