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Gary is THE MAN.

If I understand prevailing wisdom, we put poly on the front control arms and the rear torque arms only. (And sways.)

Good luck.
Rgr that, thanks. I've heard horror stories of the control arm bushing squeaking like hell. Yes, no? And, I've heard a bit of both on the trailing arm bushings.

I used Lemforders on the control arms and the trailing arms because of this issue to play it safe; but, I've also heard the handling is way better with both and there is no noise issue.

I'm on the fence. I would hate to have squeaks but then I have just developed one in the rear. I have poly on the torque rods and the panhard rod. Made a huge difference in how the rear reacts.

I'm going to disassemble the suspension in the Spring to grease everything up so that's why I'm gathering experiences with the polys so I can make a decision.
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It's just an old Volvo...
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Even a crappy old volvo....
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