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Default Into the valley of death, rode the six hundred.....

Deeper into the project we go. Without all of the gory pics, the 945T wagon is filleted out down to the basic rolling shell. To those who are contemplating such work, be advised that this task is not for the faint of heart. I probably had 4 weeks total in the complete disassy, and that was every weekend and a good 3 of 5 weeknights per week. Power tools help the effort.....I already had a 400 lb.ft. impact wrench, and bought an air ratchet (3/8" drive) to help with all the small stuff to save the many, many things which need unscrewed and disassembled. I pulled the saleable interior, doors, trim, dash, electronics, of course the complete drivetrain (front wheel bearings, all the way to the rear axle). Someday I will sell off the wagon doors/hatch & interior parts, and hopefully I recover most of my donor vehicle costs.....we shall see.

When the dust settled, and old '94 wagon carcass had been hauled off, I had the heart of the beast on the workshop floor, ready for upgrades & "freshening up" before going back into the 92 940T:



Well all of the grime as well as the ridiculous valve cover had to go, but first I separated the elements, cleaned everything up with Kerosene and that nasty "orange citrus" crap (I prefer the smell of Kero anyday, but that's me). The squirter block went onto the stand and the AW71 went onto my dryer workbench (a dead dryer makes a nice tranny rebuild stand, height is good, and the tops of most even have a lip to catch the inevitable oil slick). With all the organs staged for the transplant into Project Cheap Thrills, I decided to tackle the suspension.

It struck me that the perfect time to upgrade the '92 suspension was with a vehicle purged of the drivetrain. You can stand in the engine bay, straddle the crossmember, and upgrade the struts, springs, adjust the upper strut mounts without an engine in your way.

With a lot of scrounging and TB sales (check my buyer feedback), I scored the IPD sport springs, IPD 25mm sways, and adjustable IPD rear panhard with new poly bushings. In a separate purchase, I bought some low miles Zimmerman vented rotors, and then added a new stainless brake line kit from FCP Groton. I wanted upgraded suspension and new binders all around, as well as upgrading to stainless lines and retiring the almost 20 year old rubber. The completed back setup looks like so:


I've got no pics for proof, but the rear axle needed re-centered after lowering with the IPD sport springs. I set the car down on ramps so the weight was fully on the springs, gave it a couple good "bounces", then used the adjustment to center it as close as possible so the same measured gap exists between the Hydra rim lip, and the steel inner fender lips. As I recall,you can only make adjustments of a half turn increment with the adjustable threaded Panhard, but you can get it pretty damned close (within a couple mm side to side). After the brakes were all power flushed, the rear axle was done and the 16" Hydras & rubber were reinstalled. Next, the front suspension.
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