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Originally Posted by thelostartof View Post
bump for those that do not know about it

tho i do have a question ... for the fuel rail ... m6 thread ... what kind of fitting do i need to T into the stock line @ the rail on a 7/9 series?
there really isn't anything
its a volvo/euro proprietary fitting thats just not used on anything else
i've got a modified fuel line you can have if you want
its got the special compression fittings to connect to the stock lines, gives you a 1/8th npt femal connector. right now i have a 6ft section of parker fuel hose on it with a plug on the end to quiet the system

a far better option is to clip off the stock input line, braze the hole shut and then get a steel weld on barb fitting and have it welded to the ass end of the fuel rail
then run some 3/8th line to the fuel filter
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