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Default now has my rear seat covers to use as a pattern, so anyone looking to recover their back seats they should have them available in the near future. Their main focus is leather, but I do see on their site that they offer vinyl as well if one wanted to match vinyl front seats.

A lot of people, myself included, like the cloth seats in the 240's, especially if heated, but these are not easily replaced when they wear out. When they do wear out you are pretty much left with like colored vinyl covers, custom made by a local shop, or now leather covers being sold by I went the vinyl route in the front on my wagon because my back vinyl seat covers were still in good condition and I wanted everything to match and while they turned out OK in the end, the vinyl just wasn't/isn't as robust as the leather. I am not saying that leather covers can't be bought from other vendors, but at around $300 per set front and rear the price of the covers is pretty hard to beat. I was very happy with their product when I used it to restore my BMW E30 sport seats. And they have 8 separate pieces vs Volvo's 2.

I have blue cloth interior in another 240 that is in perfect shape that it kills me to have to cover up with seat covers just to try and preserve the covers from wear.

Hope this helps...
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