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Yes, two harnesses, one on each side. Certainly not one of Volvo's finest engineering feats. The bolts are on the underside of the roof, clearly visible when the headliner is out of the way.

Left and right harnesses:

Use a wire or strong cord and tie to one end of the old harness before pulling it out of the hatch side, then use that to pull the new harness through. Take a quick pic of all wires on either end before undoing anything in case you're not clear on reassembly.

Another nice thing to replace while you have it apart are the gaskets under the hinges:

Also, I had a peculiarly hard time with the rear sprayer nozzle on mine, the rubber hose just wouldn't come off the nozzle on the hatch. *REALLY* stuck on there, like it was glued in place.
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