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The switch in the 89 is a low current switch compared with the one from your 79, despite the fact the 79's switch exploded. The 89 used an external relay, called the "headlight relay" to handle the current instead, keeping the current through the switch just what the relay's coil needs.

You didn't add the headlight relay, right?

I have a couple 89's and a '79, and the docs, so I can help you do this.

Edit: I can see by your terminal number you did add the headlight relay. The one under the hood usually called hi-lo or step relay to select high beam. Let me get the books out and match up the colors...

Edit: Compared 87 to 89 wiring diagrams for the relevant connections -- they're the same. That you have lights without the blue/white wire from the headlight relay connected to anything makes me think you have the wrong relay installed in the socket. The headlight relay is not just a common cube relay, it is dual pole single throw (two form a contacts) and not single pole dual throw (one form c contact) like most common cubes.

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