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M47 is susposed to use the Type F ATF but you can put anything in it, some people put the redline in it or other thicker oil, it just takes a wee bit longer to warm up and the shifts can be a little slower to do before warmed up with thicker oil. Main thing is make sure it's in a gear or the next right gear before you stomp on it.

Third gear is the weak gear. I replaced 4 manual m46's in one year once in a turbo 740 wagon. One time downshifting into third on Cornholiness pass back when they still let you pass on that road, shifted into third, stomped on it, zing, nothing. Gears stripped, slapped it back into 4th, kept going.
1988 245 White slicktop M47 Wagon! 93 b230f. LH 2.4 STS flat flywheel.
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1991 740SE B230FT NPR Strut braces IPD bar A cam 550cc EV14's. 3.73 G80 M90 to put in.
1995 940 White racing wagoon. 13c m90 to put in
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