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Originally Posted by Blue245Ti View Post
LOL, most of us have either been that way in the past, or are that way currently. At this time, my blue 245 is still with its engine and transmission sitting about 2 feet away from the driver's side of the car. So, it might be a good idea to just do the LH 2.2 conversion, partly because it's quick and fairly simple, and partly because you can then stock one set of fuel system parts for both of your 240's. I'm at a slight disadvantage, in that I have two cars that are identical, and one that's different, but at least I don't have three different fuel system setups on the 240's here.

Cool. Yeah, you'll like having an extra gear. You'll need to reuse the kickdown cable from your Bw55 in the Aw70, or order one, since the one used on the Aw70 will likely be for the LH manifold.

Cool, good to know they're interchangeable. I was wondering if the cables were different .

I may convert to factory fuel injection, since it'll probably be next summer before I settle on a plan of action, haha. Right now, even though it's TERRIBLE on gas, I am just loving driving it .
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